New Summer Project – have a go at abandoned books

I often have a couple of books that I read parallel to one another, and most of the time I finish them rather fast. But from time to time I sort of forget, have a change of heart or just happen to stumble upon some new and more exciting books,  and then you will find all of these poor abandoned books all over my flat just waiting to be read. So I had this idea that during the summer I would make it a project and finish reading them.

Unfortunately my first attempt didn’t go quite as well as I would have liked.

At random I just picked up one of those abandoned books, and it happened to be, Laurell K Hamilton Blood Noir which is the 16th installation in the series about Anita Blake, vampire hunter.

Blood Noir*sigh* realized when I opened the book that I’ve started on it in December 2009 and deserted it somewhere halfway in.

This was once one of the best urban fantasy series out there. The first in the series, Guility Pleasures, I stumbled upon as far back as 1996, and have actually re-read it more than a couple of times. The first books are absolutely fabulous! I can totally recommend reading them, from the first one up until about number 6- 7.

After that it goes just go right downhill, from being intelligent, witty and entertaining books it just becomes more “harlequin”, and then just straight to home wife porn-ish. It’s depressing and I don’t think I actually can finish this book, unfortunately I think all hope is lost when it comes to Ms. Hamilton and her heroine.
So sad, I really miss the old Anita.

Or maybe I should try to re-read/ finish this one using this excellent blog writers suggestion how you manage to get through these last installments. Maybe it will be more fun to read then, and I’m most certainly going to get oh so drunk!

Blood Noir
Laurell K Hamilton
Published 2009 by Jove


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