It’s all about graphic novels

Unfortunately I did not manage to read as many books that I had intended this summer. But instead I have been revisiting the wonderful world of graphic novels. It’s been far too long since I read some new one. And thanks to The Walking Dead (volume 3 – 4 just waiting to be read)  I found myself on the right path again.

Just finished reading Superman Earth One (short review in a day or two) and just HAD to order a couple more 😀
So now I’m waiting and waiting for my book package to arrive.


Superman: Earth One
J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis
by DC Comics, 2010

Batman: Earth One
Geoff Johns and Gary Frank
by DC Comics, 2012


Superman: The Black Ring Vol. 1
Paul Cornel and Pete Woods
by DC Comics, 2012

The Dogs of Edinburgh
Brian Wood and Dustin Nguyen
by DC Comics, 2012


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