Vintage Anita – in a different package

Holidays are great, for then there suddenly is time to have a go at all of those books that you just haven’t come around to read, yet.

So Anita Blake – the first death.

Anita Blake – the first death1      Anita Blake – the first death

This is really back to basics, old vintage Anita, set in time just before the first novel, Guilty Pleasures.

This is the story of how Anita came to work with the police, her first meeting with Jean-Claude and not to forget the reason she ended up as an ally to Mr. Death himself. It is a fast tale Laurell K. Hamilton along with her husband Jonathon Green is serving us. The pace is steady, writing quite basic and the illustrations is really what drives the storyline forward.

It starts with Anita at the murders scene of the latest victim to what appear to be the result of a serial killer. The trail eventually leads toward a rouge vampire group and after some life and death situation Anita manage to put all the badies to the ground, with a little help from Mr. Death. Along the ride we meet some of the people at Animators Inc, like Manny and Bert, at Guilty Pleasures there is Jean-Cleade and yes then there is Edward.

It’s more of a short story and you finish it rather (to) quickly. As an (former) Anita Blake fan, well there are worse storys that Ms. Hamilton has penned. When it comes to the graphic parts, the illustrations feels a bit like Witchblade or the Darkness (which in my book is ok).
I sort of liked the interpretation of Anita, Jean-Claude and Edward, but Storr and Sebrowski, well not so much. But then again the illustrations is competing with pictures made up in my head from reading the novels and to be honest that has nothing to do with this graphic novel.

So who will appreciate it?
I think fans of Anita Blake will probably enjoy a new story, as graphic novels goes, well it’s not that impressive, not bad, just ok.
And if you are expecting more of the new incarnation of miss Blake, then you have to look elsewhere, not a sex scene in sight 😀

Anita Blake – the first death
Laurell K. Hamilton, Jonathon Green and Wellington Alves
by Marvel Comics,  2009


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