Who am I then,
Well I’m a girl from little old Sweden who lives in the beautiful coastal city of Gothenburg. Much of my life revolves around books, comics anda all sorts of board games.

Started my first blog early 2012 but to be honest I didn’t really write that often. At first it was sort of a mix of personal stuff, travels, my re-enactment hobby, reviews of books/ games/ tv-series and so on. Later on I decided that I needed to split the personal stuff from my book interest. The result, the road so far…

A few words of book genres,
I have a tendency to lean more towards all things Dystopian, Paranormal, Post-Apocalyptic, YA, Science fiction and the works, and basically that’s what you will find reviews of here, but I also have a soft spot for graphic novels so off course you will find a word or two about that to.

Rating system,
Some don’t like rating system, some do…
Here’s how I think:

5 stars – Amazing, fantastic and wonderful, this goes straight to my all-time-favorit shelf!
4 stars – This was really great, I will not forget anytime soon.
3 stars – Overall it was ok, but it’s missing something …
2 stars – Some parts are ok, some part were not to my liking (doesn’t necessarily mean bad, just not my cup of tea).
1 star – No, sorry, didn’t like it at all!


You can also read some of my rantings about book at Goodreads (in English) and there is a Facebook page (in Swedish).


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  1. Tar du emot recensionsexemplar av böcker?

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