New year, New Comics

Last weekend I updated the list of what I read in 2017, and I realized that it was a year that I mostly just read comics (with a few novels stuck in-between). This wasn’t a conscious choice, but it will be this year. As always, I hope to read a bit more, but my focus in 2018 will be on comics.

New comic book day (last week) came and went, to be honest this year didn’t kickstart in a ton of comics I want to pick up.

I’ll leave you with just two issues, but they are two great ones.


Image Comics
Crosswind #6
Story: Gail Simone
Art/ Cover: Cat Staggs
““BULLETS AND BRACES” The shattering climax to this pulse-racing crime fantasy!”
I just love this story of the “body swap” of a housewife and a hitman. If you haven’t already picked up this one, then you should!

No. 1 With a Bullet #3
Story: Jacob Semahn
Art / Cover: Jorge Corona
Love, love this. It’s becoming one of my favorite. Besides the fun and humor, it’s about something that is far too common in the “real” world. Internet harassment, bullying and cyberstalking…and that altogether makes this one a must-read!!!

I know, it’s a short list, and its last week’s releases. But tomorrow is another day 😉


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