Book Related Problems I Have

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


This week’s list:
Ten Book Related Problems I Have

I suppose there can be a number of book related problem in a book lover’s life, I personally don’t have any problems, no problem at all…

1. To-be-read piles, they just keeps multiplying don’t they and getting higher and higher! Honestly I think it happens overnight or when I’m at work, I tell you there is some strange things going on when I’m not watching!

2. And speaking of never ending TBR book piles, one day they will tip over, probably just in the moment I’m underneath, resulting in Death by books.

3. Death-by-books…not a good plan, I really need to read more from that TBR pile. But first I thinks it’s best if I reorganize them, then I will pick one to read. Yes that’s a good plan, organize and then read.

4. Look some new shiny books, haven’t read any from that particular author! Just let me have a look at that, just look, not to bring home… Oh well…It just came home with me, I had nothing to do with it, I promise. This means that I’ll have a go at the TBR after this new one is read and after I reorganize the piles.

5. A new book from one of my favorite authors just came out! Ohhh, I suppose I could wait for a while before I buy it, I do have some TBR piles to get through first. But I have been waiting for this one for a really long time…
You know what, I’ll just read this one and after it’s the new and shiny one, THEN I will pick one from the TBR, but after I’ll reorganize the piles.

This is of course not me I’m talking about. Oh no!
It’s just a few example of book related problems one MIGHT have.
I promise.
Now I just have to go and reorganize some piles…



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9 responses to “Book Related Problems I Have

  1. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks

    Death by books! Yes! I will be on an episode of HOARDERS. Great list.

  2. Precis, “Det är inte mig det handlar om, jag skriver om en kompis…”

  3. I think huge ‘to be read’ piles are a universal issue for all avid readers!! Here’s a link to my TTT for the week:

  4. Organizing books is my downfall, too. And parting with books! I want to keep them all!

  5. I have come to terms with my circular logic of validating new book purchases. It’s been a difficult journey…but I think I’ll be able to craft the next Everest out of all these tomes.

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

  6. It’s not your fault, books are always begging to come home with me too 😉 It’s just their nature.
    Also: avoid death-by-books, it sounds REALLY painful!

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