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A Dystopian Winter

The winter has come to Gothenburg, its bloody cold, gray and snowy and I can tell you all, this is NOT my favorite time of the year!!

I suppose the cold and snow is one reason to just stay indoors with the company of books and films. For the moment I’m sort of stuck in all things post-apocalyptic/ dystopian, for some reason a world with zombies seems to be in the majority of my apocalyptic reality. My life these days revolve almost entirely around the walking dead (surprise surprise ;)), but of course I always need my vampires and for that I’ve revisited Priest recently (highly enjoyable in a dystopian/mad max/blade runner sort of way) and when it comes to novels, it’s in the form of Justin Cronin’s The Passage (which is absolutely brilliant, I can’t’ understand how I missed reading it until now!!).

So while Jadis is turning my town to a nasty white, bitter and cold place, I started to think about “winter” film. There is a lot (well at least some) vampire themed ones where the setting is snow, cold and almost no daylight. 30 days of night comes to mind, as well as Frostbiten and Låt den rätte komma in. But what about zombie films? Well that’s a tough one, Död snö is the only one that comes to mind right now, but I’m sure there must be others.

To be hones I like my post-apocalyptic/ dystopian scenarios in whatever form it may come in, but the weather outside just got me thinking about which winter film I would pick as favorite.
Well 30 days of nigh, Frosbiten, Låt den rätte komma in, Död snö are definitely on my winter top 10.

What’s your favorite winter film?



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Fear the living

Friday evening, decided to have a little me time, been so tired lately, feeling a bit like Bilbo; “feel … thin. Sort of stretched, like … butter scraped over too much bread” So a sofa and TV felt like as the perfect idea.

This fall’s highly anticipated TV series is undoubtedly The Walking Dead, season 3, At least I’ve been waiting for it to finally start! Once the wait was over and the first episode was released I took a decision to try to hold out a couple, three weeks or so, just to have more than one episode to watch. But it is starting to be a bit too difficult, so this Friday’s entertainment is set 😀

Oh my goddess!
It’s all I can say. We who thought season 1 & 2 was great, it is nothing, nothing compare to the opening episodes of season 3. If you were thinking that maybe our few survivors would survive, at least a bit into this season, forget it! No one is safe! The writers/producers actually surprised me with some shocking deaths (and I’m not that easily surprised), I did not see that coming.

Scenes from the prison are incredibly strong and chocking, there is some interesting twist and turns and more than a few surprises along the way, this is by far the best part of the season. Unfortunately I think that this season’s weakness is the scenes from Woodbury, what a letdown, it simply does not work for me. I wish I could buy and believe, among other things, the growing attraction between the Governor and Andrea, but it just falls flat. Oh well, guess you can’t have it all. Fortunately, Michonne is a more interesting new character that we hopefully will see more of. I suppose I just have to wait until the prison encampment and the governor collide, that surely will be interesting.

But by far the most interesting development into this season so far is Ricks “fall from grace”, we got a hint of it in season 2 but now it would seem that he is losing more and more of his humanity (or sanity) and while our leader slips, Daryl is sort of stepping up. I really like the development of this redneck character and are looking forward to see what they have in store for him.

It will be difficult to wait for the next episodes, and considering the fact that we approaching the midseason and the inevitable Christmas break lurking around the corner (the horror, how will we ever survive!?) there will probably be some nasty surprises coming our way soon. So stay tuned.

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Zombie summer

This summer has been about all things Zombie. I revisited the excellent TV-show The Walking Dead, season 1-2, dived right in to Cherie Priest Boneshaker and finally got around and picked up the graphic novel version of The Walking Dead.

To be honest I do love my zombies on the big as well as the small screen, but I never really been that into the literary version of zombies, if you don’t count early Anita Blake (oh, the scene in the Laughing corps when zombies attacking her in the bedroom and the end result is Zombie-part all over her stuffed penguin collection, that’s legendary!).
oh well that was years ago, now The Walking dead, well I did like the first volume, Days gone bye, so there is no other way than to have a go at the second installation, Miles behind us.

Miles behind usThe story begins with a short flashback of Lori and Shane and then jumps back just a couple of days after the end event in volume 1, we se the group get in the RV and takes to the road. In this volume we get introduced to some new characters, some a bit more interesting than others. I find Tyrese practically interesting, he kicks some serious ass! I so hope he will survive!

As in the first volume, the zombies are more in the background, although quite deadly and before the story ends there will be more deaths among our survivors. But if you are looking for a lot of gore and violence, well then you have to look elsewhere. This story is all about people, what may happen to our humanity when the worst comes to worse, our ability to rise above ourselves or fall on our selfish egos. In Miles behind us we will see more of who our survivors really are.

When I got to the final pages, what can I say, I just wanted more! The story gets more and more interesting by the minute and you start to care a lot for some of the characters (and then again not so much for others). I’m so looking forward to read volume 3, can’t wait.
And just one more note, please, please let the zombies eat Lori, I just can’t stand her, what an annoying and irritating character. Thank you very much! *fingers cross*

The Walking Dead, Vol. 2: Miles behind us
By Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore (cover)
Published 2004, by Image Comic

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