A Dystopian Winter

The winter has come to Gothenburg, its bloody cold, gray and snowy and I can tell you all, this is NOT my favorite time of the year!!

I suppose the cold and snow is one reason to just stay indoors with the company of books and films. For the moment I’m sort of stuck in all things post-apocalyptic/ dystopian, for some reason a world with zombies seems to be in the majority of my apocalyptic reality. My life these days revolve almost entirely around the walking dead (surprise surprise ;)), but of course I always need my vampires and for that I’ve revisited Priest recently (highly enjoyable in a dystopian/mad max/blade runner sort of way) and when it comes to novels, it’s in the form of Justin Cronin’s The Passage (which is absolutely brilliant, I can’t’ understand how I missed reading it until now!!).

So while Jadis is turning my town to a nasty white, bitter and cold place, I started to think about “winter” film. There is a lot (well at least some) vampire themed ones where the setting is snow, cold and almost no daylight. 30 days of night comes to mind, as well as Frostbiten and Låt den rätte komma in. But what about zombie films? Well that’s a tough one, Död snö is the only one that comes to mind right now, but I’m sure there must be others.

To be hones I like my post-apocalyptic/ dystopian scenarios in whatever form it may come in, but the weather outside just got me thinking about which winter film I would pick as favorite.
Well 30 days of nigh, Frosbiten, Låt den rätte komma in, Död snö are definitely on my winter top 10.

What’s your favorite winter film?



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2 responses to “A Dystopian Winter

  1. The best winter film is The Thing. Maybe the best film ever made.

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