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In love with the wastelands

I think I’m in love, it’s been a while, but yes, I do believe it to be true. This time it feels new and fresh, with a hit of something familiar. It has been a long wait, but finally it arrived, a science fiction series worthy of its name.

This is of course SyFy latest release, Defiance that I’m speaking of.
What to say about this new series;
its like an ice-cream filled with all of your favorite flavors. First start with a new idea, fill it up with some Firefly, mix this up with Mad Max add a little Babylon 5 and then sprinkle on some tiny, tiny steampunk on the top and present it in a new and sparkling wrapping.

Of course maybe I can’t see the flaws (if there are any) this early in the relationship, but still, right now I don’t care because I’m in looove 😀

But seriously, it is a great show, it feels likes ages since I watched a decent science-fiction TV series. This one has it all, well most of it anyway. It can be a bit to cheesy at times and it could have been a bit darker, but hey maybe it will later on, who knows.

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I leave this show for now and write a review later in the season. But I can say this far, 5 episodes in, I’m hooked!

Here’s the backdrop,
A new earth after a war, an earth all terraformed and forever changed, wastelands with strange and lethal animals, new city’s built, new alliances formed, alien races and humans trying to survive, to make a new living for themselves side by side. The series is about all of that and so much more.
But you know, sometimes, just sometimes pictures are better than words

If you missed this one, give it a go! and do it NOW!!


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