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Comics of the week 23/8

Almost September, were did the summer go…
Here is last week’s pull list, a bit thin but I’m behind with my summer reading so that’s fine, need some time to catch up and of course, I need to write a bunch of reviews as well.

LAZARUS: X+66 #2 (OF 6)
Image Comics
Story: Aaron Duran, Greg Rucka
Art: Mack Chater
Cover: Michael Lark

Need to dive into my never ending TBR pile! Lazarus X+66 is also one of those new series I haven’t hade time to get to read yet. But it’s Lazarus and Rucka, so I probebly like it.

PLASTIC #5 (Of 5)
Image Comics
Story: Doug Wagner
Art: Daniel Hillyard, Laura Martin
Cover: Andrew Robinson

To be honest I’ve only read the issues 1-2, and I wasn’t that impressed. But for some reason I kept buying. Maybe it get better in issue 3-5.

Image Comics
Story: Donny Cates
Art / Cover: Dee Cunniffe, Lisandro Estherren

The south, vampires, violence – yes!
Need to review issue 1-4 or I just wait until volume 1 hits the stores in October (25th.

BOOM! Studios
Story: Kurt Sutter, Courtney Alameda
Art: Hyeonjin Kim

Read issue 1 in July, but need to re-read it again, a story about at no-profit women’s shelter by day and vigilantes at night, that is just a must-read.

Story: Paul Cornell
Art: Ryan Kelly

Again, haven’t read issue 1, but a story of female president and former alien abductee, political intrigue and UFO mythology…can’t go wrong with that now can you.

Whats your favorit this week (or last)?



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