Up in the AIR

I came across this graphic novel through a review of G. Willow Wilson’s latest book. This was totally new to me and I went straight to my local sci-fi bookshop to pick up a copy.
So what is AIR Letters from lost countries about? Well, it is a strange story and within it you find many different genres.

On the front you can read;
“I’ve enjoyed AIR to no end – It starts off as Rushdie and then parachutes off into Pynchon.” – Neil Gaiman.
Well, I totally agree with Mr. Gaiman.

The story revolves around Blyth, a flight attendant that is afraid of flying (!). In the beginning of the story Blyth runs in to a mysterious stranger and she finds herself falling in love whith him. But who is this stranger, is he a ordinary traveler or is he a terrorist? When he disappears without a trace she decides to find him, even though she does not know how to or were to start. On this quest Blyth travels to a country that does not exist on any map, she gets targeted by a violent anti-terrorist group and find herself in the middle of a hunt after an artifact that can change the science of flight forever.

When I attempt to summarize my thoughts on this graphic novel it’s as simple as AIR, this story is filled with air, the colors are clear and bright, the story is airy yet compact (if that makes any sense), sometimes simple and sometimes philosophical. It is like lying down on your back in the green grass during a warm summer day looking up at the sky, and watch the clouds pass by.

The writer keeps a high pace and pages tend to turn themselves faster and faster. Some might feel it’s a bit to high tempo, but I kind of like stories like that, when the the words and the illustration speeds up.

This is an incredibly charming book, it feels both like classical comic book style and at the same time there is also a modern touch to it. All in all, I will definitely read the other volumes in this series and I warmly recommend to all who like a different story, but a story that doesn’t take itself to serious, that is just more about fun! And in the end isn’t that was it’s all about, to have a fun time while reading 😀

Air, Vol. 1: Letters from Lost Countries
By G. Willow Wilson and M.K. Perker
Published 2009 by Vertigo


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